Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A japanese flower pattern

I have fallen in love for this pattern like many of you ;) This is my first one and I'm not very happy with it. The second row is not correct and I'm also thinking of what type of yarn I should use. This one is made of the Lanett yarn from Sandnes. I like it a lot but maby it is to ...light.... dont know the english word for it ;)

A blanket with a rippled pattern

I always need to have many things to make or I will get bored. So I'm also making this little baby blanket. I still have no one to give that blanket to ...hopefully I will be a grandmother someday hehe :) Not yet tough I hope!

Swim suit bag to be :)

This is an African Flower pattern and I love to crochet that pattern! I started to make them last summer and it is supposed to end as a swimming bag for my girl. But unfortunatly I noticed when I had crocheted about 20 of them that I was using a wrong size of a crocheting needle so they are not all the same size :/
So I just put them away for a while and started another project ;) I will finish this one later.

Sweater with a horse pattern.

I knitted this sweater for my eight year old daughter. She loves horses and she loves this sweater and wear it a lot. This pattern is for free and is avalble HERE. Unfortunatly the pattern is in icelandic hehe :) I used icelandic Lopi Light yarn.