Thursday, August 11, 2011

It started with....

One of my favorite blog that I read is Min inspiration and when I first saw that Mia, the blogs owner, started to spin I knew I would have to try this out :) Well...everyone here home think I'm a little bit weird hehe and maby I am ;)

So I bought some merino wool and put it in a stove with a little bit of dye. I used two kinds of color, pink, and brown. That is so much fun and now I want some more colors.

My 84 year old father made me some kind of spindle and I started to spin for the first time ;) But I wanted to do some more and bought myself a spinning wheel as I said before.
This is my second trial to spin on my spinning wheel and I feel that I am getting the hand of it ;) I had dyed some merino wool in blue color and Im going to do some navajo plying with it.

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  1. þetta lúkkar svaka vel ,hlakka til að sjá hvað þú prjonar svo úr þessum fallegu litum