Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spinning right now

I love to spin! It is so relaxing and nice to sit down and spin a little bit. I like to listen to some music while I'm spinning and sometimes I will sing out loud. My kids don't like it though hehe :) I haven't had much time to spin lately, my work is getting in the way ;)

This is merino wool. Sometimes it brakes and that is a bit frustrating. But I'm slowly improving. Few days ago I ordered a Sethland wool. I can't wait until it gets here!

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  1. I like to do that too, listening to music while spinning, and humming along. I only have the dogs listening to me, and they don't seem to mind. :o)
    This happens to me too, when I spin Merino or Merino blends thin, and don't put enough twist in it. It's frustrating to find the end on the bobbin, and then I loose a bit until it holds together again. Happy spinning!